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Yoga & Mountain Retreats 2018

In the soothing surroundings of waterfalls, mountains and glaciers we gather each summer for retreats in nature. We practice yoga and various mindfulness-, meditation- and relaxation practices, as well as eating nourishing vegetarian food.
These weekends are meant to be a hide away, a space to re-connect within as well as without, and spend time in a informal atmosphere together with others, or alone if you prefer that. In the afternoon the sauna is on and you can experience the refreshing glacier water, and we gather around the bonfire with music, food and sharing and classes in the evenings.

In each of these weekends there is a limited number of spaces, something that makes it personal as well as flexible
in the way of attending to both the individual and the groups needs during the weekend. 

Warm welcome to join us for sharing, inspiration and in the spirit of co-creation! 
Presentation of the various Yoga & Mountain Retreats for the summer season 2018 follow below. 

Womens Yoga Retreat

May 18th - 21st 2018


Welcome to our womans yoga retreat! 
During this retreat we will support you to connect with your inner female wisdom and attune to your body’s rhythms, no matter what stage in life you are in. We will take time to connect with our heart, to practice Yoga, rest and nurture ourselves in a stunning natural setting.  
Amaia and Johanne will share their insights from 30 years combined yoga experience on how to approach your practice in a way that nourishes, energizes and acknowledges your needs as a woman. Together we will create a safe and sacred space where we will thrive and become inspired by our collective female energy, surrounded by other curious, likeminded women .We´ll put on the sauna in the afternoon with etheric oils, and you will have the possibility of a refreshing ice bath. Read more about this retreat here; 

Yoga & Kayak Retreat

July 26th - 29th 2018

 From our Yoga & Kayak gathering 2017 together with Bulder & Brak Adventures

At this retreat we join forces with Bulder & Brak Adventure and create another long weekend with yoga practice and kayak paddeling. During the long weekend you´ll have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air; be it on hikes in the mountains or at the lake Olden water in a kayak. We meet every morning and evening for yoga classes, relaxation, music and sharing. In the afternoon the sauna is warm and you can enjoy refreshing ice bath in the river outside the sauna. We serve healthy nourishing food for brunch and dinner. Read more about our Yoga & Kayak gathering by clicking the button below. 

Yoga & Mountain Retreat

August 15th - 19th 2018

 Photo: Jean- Remi Lafleur

Photo: Jean- Remi Lafleur

We gather for a yoga & mountain hiking retreat in the middle of August! At this retreat out main focus will be to have plenty of time outside in nature, to walk in the mountains that surrounds us, and to share moments of stillness, meditation as well as various yoga practices. We start each day with meditation and practice of yoga asana and breathing. One day we´ll spend the whole day trekking to either Oldeskaret, or to Kattanakken together, two of the nearby mountains. In our afternoon and evening classes we´ll share practices like yoga nidra, simple pranayamas and meditation, and some evenings music around the bonfire!
Our intention for this long weekend is to create a wonderful space to rest in nature, to do mind-body-spirit practices that support us in creating peace of mind, as well as deeper receptivity to reconnect with nature and people around us. During the retreat we´ll serve nourishing food, juices, and the sauna will be on every afternoon. Read more about this retreat here: 

"The inner end of Oldedalen is where I grew up. It is a small place, and very early on it became important point for me to fly out, experience a lot more, to travel around the world, to live in different cities, lands and cultures. But this special little corner of the world has always represented for me a nest to fly back to, a soothing space; to rest, to be in the silence of nature and charge the batteries. When I got older and lived in the city it became even more important and necessary for me to spend time here.
The simplicity as well as powerful nature here has been my medicine as well as inspiration my whole life. 

This is also what I and we want to share with you who come here; To allow yourself to take time off, to go out of the maybe stressful pace for some time, and to rest, rejuvenate and allow longer or shorter time to be in nature and re-connect. To practice and learn some of the yogic practices that has been a blessing for us on the path, to nourish, get inspired and explore your own true nature as well as nature around us.
Nature rules both the natural laws, our approach to spirituality, as well as how we relate here;
You´ll not find much "stash", but we´ll practice yoga and the like, share meals, explore and live among the trees, mountains, glaciers, rivers and each other. From there we can have fun, as well as dive deep if we want! 

A warm welcome to everyone who feels inspired by this place and what we share."

- Johanne Melkevoll - 

Yoga & Mountain Gallery 2013-2018

Arriving at Melkevoll Bretun in Oldedalen was so beautiful that it took my breath away!
Yoga practice and climbing in such environments and with the most professional and inspiring instructors made me travel home with renewed energy and a treasure of memories in my luggage. To Anders, Johanne and Frank: THANK YOU!
— Solgunn Tilseth Breivik (Yoga & Climbing Aug 2017)
To join a retreat at Melkevoll Bretun in Oldedalen is like taking a diving deep into another world. Johanne puts together weekends with exciting themes and knowledgeable teachers. Frank contributes with amazingly good food, and all this is served in the amazing setting around Melkevoll Bretun. There is a very special atmosphere, and one evening in the cave with good food, bonfire and good conversations should be experienced by everyone. A retreat in Oldedalen changes you as a human being, and I strongly recommend it.
— Gunn Bente Skåden (Yoga & Climbing 2015, Yoga & Astrology 2016)